Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) enables you to have the greatest career in the world – flying a helicopter and getting paid for it!

To be eligible for entry onto our CPL Course you must be:

  • 18 years of age prior to sitting the CPL Flight Test
Hold an Aviation Class 1 medical certificate

  • Meet the ‘Fit & Proper Person’ requirements of NZCAA.

  • Be competent in spoken English to meet NZCAA requirements.

Theory Subject Requirements:

  • CPL Navigation and Flight planning
  • CPL Air Law
  • CPL Meteorology
  • CPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge
  • CPL Human Factors
  • CPL Principles of Flight

Practical Flying Requirements:

Cross Country – Total20 hours
Cross Country – Dual Instruction7 hours
Cross Country – Solo8 hours
Mountain – Total10 hours
Mountain – Dual Instruction7 hours
Sling – Total10 hours
Sling – Dual Instruction7 hours
Flight Test2 hours
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