Heavy Lifting

Using a helicopter to lift equipment to or from a site can deliver huge savings in both time and money.

Both big and small items can be transported to sites usually unreachable by land based vehicles. We have a variety of helicopters with a large range of lifting capability up to 1.5 ton on request.

Our twin engine aircraft also allows us to operate in built-up areas.

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  • Heavy Lifting
  • AS350 heavy lifting
  • Lifting a spa
  • AS350 heavy lifting in the alps
  • Lifting a tank
  • Heavy lifting

Fire Fighting

Christchurch Helicopters is equipped with excellent equipment and ground crew support for aerial attack fire control. We operate four Squirrels, including one twin engine and an EC120, perfect for an aerial attack but also very capable with a bucket. We have multiple collapsible fire buckets and other equipment to support fighting and controlling fires. You can also call us to be on standby for controlled burns.

Air Attack image by Ned Dawson.

Belly Tank

Christchurch Helicopters are leading the way in new techniques to fight wildfires in New Zealand. Our latest piece of equipment is the Simplex Fire Attack tank which allows us to fight fires safer and more effectivity. The tank has enormous benefits such as allowing us to fight fires over urban interface, faster response times, higher water penetration, foam is injected internally so will not contaminate waterways to name a few.

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Frost Control

During certain times of the year, fruit and vegetables can be extremely vulnerable to the effects of cold weather. Many vineyards and other crop growers utilise our helicopters to draw down air from a warmer inversion layer which helps to prevent the loss of valuable crops.

We place our machines during daylight hours to guarantee you have a machine on site to protect your investment.

Our pilots are experienced in frost fighting operations.

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Christchurch Helicopters has vast experience in sluicing operations to dislodge and wash away loose objects. We operate two forms of equipment to wash away loose material, our simplex belly tank for intense impact and conventional water buckets.

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Concrete and Gravel

Christchurch Helicopters can provide an effective and precise solution to concrete placement in inaccessible locations such as ski fields and other hard to access locations.

We operate a range of helicopters that can tailor to each job, for example, our AS350 B2 for larger jobs and our MD500E for smaller jobs. We also have bulk buckets for gravel and soil placement.

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  • AS350 heavy lifting

Remote Operations

New Zealand has many remote locations that are only easily accessible by helicopter.

Choosing to use a helicopter as transportation in and out of remote locations can be cost effective and logistically efficient.

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Wire stringing and power pole lifting

Christchurch Helicopters operates the equipment required to string line from pole to pole in hard to reach locations, with our range of helicopters and skilled pilots we can complete the operation in a cost & time effective manner.

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  • Wire Stringing

  • MD500 Spraying Wilding Pines
  • Fertiliser
  • Spraying Wilding Pines
  • Spraying Wilding Pines

Agricultural Operations

Agricultural Operations

  • Sowing & Spreading
  • Spraying
  • Mustering
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Wild Animal Management
  • Wilding Pines

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Aerial Survey & Research

The use of a helicopter for survey and research is an extremely cost effective way of gathering information.  By combining speed, visibility and ability to get to remote locations, you free up valuable time to spend on the task.

Our pilots have extensive experience in survey and research operations – from power line surveys through to remote landings for data gathering.

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Hunting and Fishing

Christchurch Helicopters offer flights to top hunting and fishing locations, guided or unguided.

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LiDAR and Aerial Photography

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) over recent years has become widely accepted as an input tool for generating extremely accurate terrain, vegetation and infrastructure models to be used in a variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and management applications:

  • Mapping and monitoring erosion prone areas – coastines, hill country, waterways.
  • Forestry management – yield, harvest, planting
  • Infrastructure mapping – Power distribution networks, construction, road, rail.
  • Biodiversity – Habitat structure, composition and change
  • Disaster management – Flood, earthquake

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